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DAVID WYSOTSKI pursued his love of art at Queen’s University where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He furthered his education by graduating top of his class from the Ontario College of Art with an honours degree in Illustration. For the past 20 years, David has combined his two loves of art and nature into a successful career as a natural science illustrator. His work has been published in countless books and magazines, used for posters and ads, and printed for a variety of other uses.


Over the last decade, David’s focus has shifted back to the fine art world.  The main theme for his paintings has involved the transient nature of possessions and the role of ownership.  David’s solo show in 2017, Temporarily Mine, portrayed this theme on a personal level through compelling images of old tools.  Today with Temporarily Ours, the same story is being told, but now on a global scale. The ‘still life’ images of preserved specimens speak of what once was and all that remains.  The works also allude to our responsibility as caretaker of possessions as well as zookeeper for Earth’s remaining living treasures.  Temporarily Ours will be exhibited at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery fall 2019.


David is a local artist, wildlife enthusiast and zookeeper to a house full of treasured creatures, both living and preserved.

Temporarily Ours

October 23 – December 19, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, Dec 6 at 7pm


The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

72 Queen Street - Oshawa, Ontario

(905) 576 - 3000


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